Pushing the boundaries of journalism: How newsgames explain development topics

Internship thesis — MA Media Culture. Maastricht University. 2015 *


Conceptual framework and literature review

Liquid journalism in times of participatory culture

Newsgames: Playing with a complex reality

Professional concerns and emerging possibilities

Overview of development journalism


Autoethnographic analysis

Qualitative interviews

Case Studies: Newsgames about global development topics.

An Analysis of “Rebuilding Haiti” and “Follow the Money 2”

Figure 1. Home page of “Rebuilding Haiti”. (http://apps.rue89.com/haiti/en/)

Autoethnographic analysis: my experience playing the newsgames

Figure 2. Home page of “Follow the Money 2”. (followthemoney2015.lastampa.it/it)
Figure 3. At the end of “Follow the Money 2” I could compare my choices with the average and see that my foreign affairs minister profile would be like the activist Vandana Shiva.

Interviews with Emanuele Bompan and Florent Maurin

Figure 4. In the last chapter of “Rebuilding Haiti” I discover the consequences of all my decisions, in an “imaginary” report of the Haiti of 2020.



Online newsgames

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